There are 3 ways to own and control land in the game, 1. Own a plot by holding that plots land title, or that areas deed (deed come later). 2. Conquer and protect an unownable open plot with an Apex Kong totem. It’s as good if not better than owning a land title. 3. Conquer and defend an open land plot from other players in battle.


Each of the 4 Kingdom regions will have 6k plots, 3k of these plots are ownable with a land title. Land titles are predetermined non-moveable locations with feature packed land-owner dashboards governed by you, the title holder of that land. Deeds are different, these are larger areas on the map that can be claimed and named before game-launch by mergeable land title holders.


The other 3k plots in each region are unownable open land plots. They can’t be traded or sold as a traditional NFT, instead, the land plots remain open and players to conquer.


Players who conquer one of these open plots of land and own an Apex Kong Totem can enjoy all the land-owner benefits of a land title holder including not having to defend it from anyone. Totems can also be moved from any one conquered plot, to another conquered plot, anywhere on the map, at any time. So if you need to build up a defending tribe on a plot you conquered, you can. Before you move on to the next one.


Players who don’t own a title, deed or totem can conquer open land just like anyone else, but they’ll need a strong enough tribe to defend it from the takeover attempts of other hungry tribes.


Each plot at the start of the game – when we launch – has the capacity for 50 players. Your plots capacity for players will double with each doubling of the games player base. This includes open plots. This is the main reason for the low amount of total plots for sale – your land expands with the player base. It’s a first of it’s kind feature in a game. It’s also a major value add for land owners, totem holders and conquering tribes.