AFG All Access & Kongpass Land Location Selection Form


Please, enter the wallet address holding of your AFG All Access Passes and/or Kongpass(es), then enter the mint # or your pass, or passes. You can get this number by opening Etherscan, pasting your wallet address in the search bar and then clicking ERC721 (see example). Then Choose the land location you’d like to receive for each of the passes. If you hold a 2x or 4x pass, please choose 2-4 land locations for that pass (locations can be different, or all the same).

The 4 land location options are: Bananatopia, Neverian Peaks, Kong Steppe, and Apex City. Land will be airdropped to the wallet holding the pass at the end of next week. *Note: this form is not for PFP selection, it’s for land location selection.